Category:Romanian women Wikipedia

Category:Romanian women Wikipedia

Various anti-abortion organizations could not be reached for comment for this story; one group, Pro Vita Association, refused to comment, citing concerns of “pro-abortion and genderist bias.” “If you don’t give these women access to contraception, you cannot infringe on their right to abortion,” says Paun. “Women continue to get abortions with sharp objects at home in 2021,” she says, evoking images of Ceausescu’s 24-year abortion ban. Andrada Cibiliu from the abortion-rights organization Centrul Filia at her home in Bucharest. Abortions Are Increasingly Hard To Get In Romania, Advocates Say Doctors are using conscientious objection to turn down patients. Advocates say abortion rights are under threat again in Romania. Launch the official platform, together with the educational content component in partnership with NGOs, plus a round of pre-seed funding.

  • Learn name days and other holidays when small gifts are expected.
  • She is the first Romanian player to achieve this performance, and her success made the whole country happy.
  • The team aims to change people’s consumption behavior and promote sustainable ways of borrowing instead of buying for a better tomorrow.
  • She stayed at HTC for five years, right up until she moved to the UK.
  • We gathered under the same category HealthTech startups, with fitness and nutrition solutions, as well.
  • She had little free time and couldn’t go out of her apartment in the evening very often.

A Romanian judge approved prosecutors’ request to extend the detention to 30 days — Tate and the other suspects are appealing the ruling. Medical staff check an empty ward reserved for COVID-19 patients, at the Colentina Hospital in Bucharest, in February. The government initially excluded abortion from a list of essential emergency services. “During the emergency period in Romania, there was only one hospital in Bucharest that was performing abortions, and it was a private hospital,” Cilibiu says. “It was charging women 3,000 Romanian lei [$720], and that’s outrageous.”


“During lockdown, outreach services have been cut, GP surgeries are closed, people aren’t out on the street seeing addresses where suspicious activities may be occurring,” he says. “On the surface, this did not look like a place where criminality and sexual exploitation was taking place,” says Cristina Huddleston, a trafficking victim support specialist who joined the raid that evening. The Romania women’s national volleyball team is governed by the Federaţia Română de Volei and takes part in international volleyball competitions. Beyond the artistic activity, Dora D’Istria had an adventurous life, being an active, brave woman attracted by novelty and knowledge. In April, she left for Switzerland and climbed the Moench peak . She marked her performance by putting the Romanian flag on the top, thus becoming the first Romanian climber and one of the first women climbers in the world. In addition to mountaineering, she practiced shooting and horseback riding.

A Romanian woman will almost never refuse a gift (then again, what woman would? ), and she will be very happy to receive it. She will be even happier when it is something she can brag about a little to her friends, and will certainly be super excited when she will see you put some thought into it and made it personal.

If you’re serious about her, organize a holiday to your home country. This could include meeting your parents or not, it will be up to you, depending on how young your relationship is, and how she feels about meeting your folks. In general Romanian women like to cook, they learn it at home at early ages , so if they have time, they will cook often. Impress her by learning to cook a Romanian dish, or by teaching her a dish from your own country, and cook it together.

Their mobile marketing and deep linking solutions make brands communicate better with users to increase ROI. Their cloud solution offers instant communication via a chat, with file, voice, video, and screen sharing. With the use of AI, the experience turns into a personalized searchable tool that adjusts communication flows for better productivity.

We gathered under the same category HealthTech startups, with fitness and nutrition solutions, as well. PropTech startups use technology to bring innovation to the real estate market. Amongst their solutions, there are projects digitizing spaces, management platforms, tools for monitoring, and sustainable solutions. Cyscale is a Cluj-based software company that offers a digital security solution. Their goal is for companies to protect their apps and data in the cloud. They empower every team member to build and deploy tools for automation and security with a few clicks.

Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Toboro is a Paris-based mobile app that allows users to rent things they need from people in their proximity. Introvoke is a San Francisco, California-based, SaaS platform that enables organizations to host their virtual programs on digital stages. Their solution is to offer a database of vetted professionals by recruitment agencies and help candidates with their careers. Avocatoo is a Bucharest-based platform that digitizes law services and democratizes access to information. Branch is a California-based startup that offers cross-platform linking. The team’s goal is to help teams participate effectively in meetings, save time, and boost productivity.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of cooking for your – or her – friends, and of hosting dinner parties. You should also learn to cope with attending dinner parties, including family dinner parties, especially if it’s not in your culture to attend home parties. Education will help women to protect themselves, legally, from domestic violence and save their lives. We bring precious information, gifts, joy and we ask them to change their attitude, to be courageous and to value their person. Funny that you need a long article to warn foreigners about Romanian girls scam while pretending that 99% off Romanian girls have no interest in your money.

Not true for the guy who showers his girl with expensive gifts and meals. And all things considered, there are relatively few girls like that (less than 1% of girls in their 20s and you can generally spot them easily). MOTUM is a Bucharest-based green mobility app that encourages car owners to make use of other means of transport. The team’s goal is for drivers to use public transport and reduce pollution and traffic.

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(together with the seasonal Merry Christmas – Craciun fericit in Romanian), for women you should also make sure you bring flowers for the name day, and a small gift for Christmas. The same applies for mothers; if you happen to visit her family on her mother’s name day celebration, bring her flowers. Ask your girlfriend what’s her mother’s name and if she celebrates a name day. That week is a celebration of women in Romania, and men give trinkets as gifts to women colleagues, co-workers, business partners. Make sure you get the lady you’re interested in something better/nicer/more thoughtful that what you give all other women on this occasion. As she grew up, she became a sports teacher, traveling during holidays and trying her best to reach the world’s farthest corners.