Secure Web Technologies – A Comprehensive Overview

Secure Web Technologies – A Comprehensive Overview

Secure Web Technologies | A Comprehensive Overview

Cloud computing has transformed IT environments. Applications and data are no longer restricted to a specific corporate network. They can be located anywhere in the globe. The employees are more dispersed and need secure and fast connections to corporate IT and cloud services. Secure web gateway solutions are nowadays essential for cybersecurity as part of an overall security strategy that includes multiple layers.

A secure web gateway (SWG) as an overview, is a method that blocks unwanted software and malicious code from live Internet browser traffic while applying corporate policies. This solution is similar to CASBs and firewalls but differs because it operates at the application level. It inspects each request in greater depth than traditional firewalls and assesses all files for malware and evasive threats.

A good SWG solution includes a combination of firewall inspection as well as DNS and URL filtering antimalware, sandboxing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and more. It should also include encryption. Encryption encrypts sensitive data to ensure that cybercriminals cannot read it. This protects sensitive information from falling into wrong hands.

A good SWG will have a range of features that are adapted to the requirements of your company. If you work in an industry that is heavily restricted, your solution must include native data leak prevention and reporting compliance. If you have a large remote workforce, the solution must permit you to manage access for unmanaged mobile devices and enforce minimum privilege across your extended supply chains.